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Founded in July 2014 as Liverpool Community Renewables Limited with a specific focus on developing renewable energy projects.

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Luke holds a Masters degree in Integrated engineering and is currently undertaking a PhD on waste to fuel cells. Luke has over 5 years experience of building and testing alkaline fuel cells, and is working on two projects which will demonstrate local energy production from food waste to fuel cells. During his bachelors degree, Luke started up bicycle recycling/DIY bike repair and an ethical bicycle consumables shop at the University of Liverpool, Recycles Liverpool CIC Limited.

The equipment and contacts was passed onto Peloton Liverpool COOP, who have taken the idea to the next level. Luke works alongside Peloton on their last mile delivery business Agile, riding, recruiting customers, designing and repairing the cargo bike carrying systems.

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Originally trained and worked as a nurse. Then studied Philosophy and Politics as a mature student. Founded the Northern Alliance Housing Cooperative in 2009, with the aim of turning empty properties into co-operatively owned eco-homes. One of the founder members of the Granby Four Streets Community Land Trust. Established Liverpool Community Renewables (LCR) in 2014, as a community benefit society and recruited a strong board of local experts in the field.

In 2015, the government slashed the support and subsidies for all renewable energy, including solar and destroyed our business model. After running various different projects through LCR it was clear that the focus had broadened and LCR became Zero Carbon Liverpool City Region Ltd in 2020. Ed has been delivering carbon literacy training since 2021 and co-created the LCC Active Travel Stakeholder Engagement Forum.

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Eddy is an independent urban planner and designer and founder of Liverpool-based urban design and planning practice, PlanSpace. With a strong commitment to sustainability, he has extensive experience in various areas of planning and urban design including project development and management, neighbourhood planning, planning applications, appeals, conservation and heritage, training and workshops, urban design and regeneration strategies and bespoke design advice.

Eddy frequently teaches undergraduates and post-graduates on planning courses at the University of Liverpool. He is also a co-chair of Merseyside Cycling Campaign and is a regular speaker at conferences is one of the founders of and contributor to the North West Neighbourhood Planning Network and has advised parliament and MHCLG on planning matters.